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Leadership for High Potentials

Leadership for High Potentials

In this 10 day training, participants will work on their leadership qualities while gaining an in-depth understanding of holistic general management. They will be trained for increased leadership responsibilities and learn all the competencies required to become a convincing leader and capable manager.

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In this two-part program the principles of leadership will be demonstrated and applied using numerous real world examples. You will exercise and improve your personal leadership skills in different leadership situations and exchange ideas to propel your company and your career to the next level.


  • Promising managers and young executives from all business fields
  • High potential managers being trained as part of a personnel development plan
  • Departmental managers
  • Functional Managers


In this training you will work on your practical management and leadership skills

  • A Systems-Oriented Approach to Leadership and Management
    • Why managers often fail: departmental thinking
    • Dealing with turbulent environments
  • Characteristics of Successful Leaders
    • Principles of self-management and the management of employees and teams
    • Distinguishing characteristics of successful leaders
    • Continuous development toward a «leader» personality
  • Creating and Developing Leadership Ability
    • Creating impressions in the minds of others
    • Self-perception vsperception of others
    • Self-assuredness and determination
  • Self and Time Management
    • The art of setting priorities
    • The skill of delegating tasks
  • Elocution and Appearance
    • Using one's communication skills to the optimal extent
    • Your authentic voice
    • Sympathy instead of rhetorical brilliance
    • Empathy and humanity as an alternative to perfect speech
  • Conversation and Negotiation Skills
    • Preparing and practicing for demanding conversations
    • The best negotiation approaches
  • Conflict Resolution and Collaboration Consensus

    Searching for the causes of conflict is essential to be successful in resolving the conflict. The possible causes of conflict include:

    • Perceptions and expectations are being questioned
    • Assumptions are being made
    • Avoiding «win-lose» statements
    • Developing superior listening skills
  • Strategic Frameworks and Thinking
    • Developing and presenting future- and profit-oriented strategies
    • Methods of strategy analysis and strategy formulation
  • Marketing Concepts and Practices
    • New paradigms in marketing, market analysis
    • Components of a convincing marketing concept
    • The customer value concept
    • Planning for marketing success and realizing marketing objectives
    • Generating ideas for improvements and innovations
  • Leading Human Resources
    • The importance of HR in gaining competitive advantage
    • Creating a motivating and performing environment
    • Strategic HR: the war for talent
  • Performance and Motivation
    • Challenging yourself and others to greatness
    • Motivation in today's workplace
    • Convincing your boss, colleagues and employees
    • Rules for win-win situations


  • Lecture
  • Class and group discussions
  • Business cases will be used
  • Best Practices and case studies
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  • Vorgeschlagene Dauer: 2 x 5 days
  • Code L 11
  • Anmeldung/Informationen
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