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Selling to China through distributors

Selling to China through distributors

China is destined to be the biggest market of many types of products and services. For many of us, it is a market that we cannot afford to ignore. While there are tremendous marketing opportunities in China, there are also many dangers and difficulties associated with penetrating this gigantic market. This course is designed for companies, especially small and medium enterprises, that have products suitable for China markets but are limited by their resources to develop this potential. It will explore issues associated with exporting to China by gaining market entry through local distributors.

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At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to acquire skills and knowledge to penetrate the China markets.


  • All personnel who are new to the China market and have products suitable to be marketed there
  • Managing directors
  • Head of marketing, sales, logistics, international growth


  • Market research methods to estimate China market potential
    • Secondary sources of information
    • Websites
    • Field market surveys
  • How to decide which part of China to start?
    • Market characteristics
    • Segmentation
  • Functions of distributors
    • How to design your distribution channel
    • Determine the distributor functions
  • Sources of distributors
    • Where and how to find them
    • Types of distributors in China
  • Distributor agreement
    • Key points to watch out
    • Sample contracts
  • Motivating your distributors
    • Use of power
    • Rewards
    • Support
    • Training
  • Contentious issues
    • Payment and collection
    • Image
    • Support
    • Settling disputes
    • Future partnership
    • Intellectual property
  • Cultural characteristics of the Chinese
    • Do's and Don'ts in China
  • Many case studies of various industries will be presented for discussion


  • Lecture
  • Class and group discussions
  • Examples and cases will be used

The training will be delivered in English language only.

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  • Vorgeschlagene Dauer: 1 day
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