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International Presentation Skills

International Presentation Skills

Presentation techniques are more or less common all over the world. Unless you will perhaps find minor differences in multinational business environments. This training puts ist focus on your personality as a presenter, your body language, your cultural assertiveness and the interaction between you and your audience. This training will support you in doing the best presentation ever seen, enabling you to influence the decision makers.

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You will make presentations that capture and keep the audiences? attention. Use a logical approach. Improve your voice projection. Practise question and answer techniques. Overcome anxiety.


  • Sales People
  • Marketing Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Project Managers
  • All people whose jobs require information or persuation of international business audiences. It covers the skills involved in making an effective presentation, from preparation and planning, through delivery to dealing with questions.


  • Structuring and Planning
    • The three phases - a beginning, a middle, an end
    • A logical approach
    • Highlight techniques
  • The Objective and Purpose
    • The reason for the presentation
    • When to reveal your objective
    • Logical format
  • Assessing your audience
    • Is it relevant to the audience?
    • The use of language
    • Resisting the temptation to include everything
    • Practising the skills
    • Retaining flexibility
  • Presentation Media and Visual Aids
    • Using cards and notes
    • Techniques to adopt
    • Visual aids
    • Preparing and using visual aids and handouts
  • Personal Presentation and Impact
    • How to overcome anxiety
    • Handling nerves
    • Building confidence levels
    • Projecting enthusiasm and personal commitment, use of hands and eyes
    • Appropriate dress code for multinational audiences
  • Assertive Styles
    • Developing a positive and straightforward style rather than being aggressive or submissive
    • Personality Projection - making an impression
    • Body language
  • Audience Participation
    • Questioning techniques
    • Dealing with objections
    • Planning for participation
    • Introducing a controversial note
    • The skills of facilitation
    • Closing
  • Audience Control
    • Audience motivation
    • Achieving effective audience management
    • Dealing with questions positively
  • Action Plan
    • Participants plan and discuss what they will do after returning to work


The training language will be English. Although the Facilitator is able to talk German. You will combine your language improvement skills with the course content. The training has its main focus on real training of presentation situations. Please bring your business presentations for the practise sessions. The presentations will be covered by video feedback. You will get individual advice and learning feedback.
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  • Vorgeschlagene Dauer: 2 days
  • Code C 9
  • Anmeldung/Informationen
    Telefon: ++49.911.919769-0
    Fax: ++49.911.919769-20