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Product Management

Product Management

Product Management is the centre of operative marketing and is instrumental in achieving product success. To meet the enormous demands, the Product Manager must possess not only technical skills in different areas but also a command of interface management. Therefore he needs to have specialised knowledge, sophisticated tools and communicative competence. This training teaches and practices exactly that kind of knowledge.

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This training will give you an excellent review and an understanding of the centric processes and requirements in Product Management. You will acquire profound knowledge and the latest tools, and you will practice techniques which you can apply in your daily work.


  • Junior Product Managers
  • Beginners and career changers who want to switch to the area of Product Management
  • Product Managers who want to improve and update their methods
  • Management trainees who would like to gain an overview


  • The Product Manager
    • Definition: Product Management
    • Duties and responsibilities of the Product Manager
    • Job specification of the Product Manager
    • Functional involvement of the Product Manager in the company organisation
    • Interface management to the Sales department/Key Account Management
  • Product Marketing
    • Marketing in focus
    • The role of marketing, the scope of marketing, marketing in context
    • Steps of the development of a Product Strategy: analysis, concept development, suitable preparation for the realisation
    • Decisive factors for the success of the product: name recognition, image, superior performance, price, relationship management, checkup on the success factors
    • Customer satisfaction, reference benchmark, repurchase rate
    • Positioning of the product
    • Branding
    • Customer benefits and needs
    • USP-concept
  • Marketing Indices
    • Marketing Indices: profitability, sales volume, market share, market saturation
    • Sales Indices
  • Marketing Strategies
    • Goals and basic strategies
    • Strategic kit for the development of a strategy
    • The Marketing Mix
    • Campaign planning
    • Realisation of the strategy
  • Analysing Market Opportunities
    • Assessing the market
    • Methods of market research: surveys, tests
    • Strategic market segmentation
    • Sales forecasting: market demand, forecasting methods, time to market
    • Marketing intelligence operations: trade statistics, field research, total available market, estimation of market growth, competitors? growth
    • International Marketing
  • Product Innovation and Product Launch
    • Why new products?
    • Product life cycle
    • Hazards of innovation
    • Innovation Management and Marketing
    • Campaign planning
    • Launch strategies
    • Making words work
    • Budgetary control: approaches to budget setting, performance monitoring
    • Techniques available
    • Evaluating results


  • Trainer input
  • Practical examples from different companies/industry sectors
  • Group work/ group discussion and presentation of the results
  • Case studies with final presentations and discussion of the results

Your products will take centre stage in our training i.e. the training is aligned with the participants and takes the active participation of all attendants for granted.

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