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International Executive Program

International Executive Program

Executives in international settings face various challenges. While the challenges often don't have clear-cut solutions, the exchange of ideas and experiences with other executives can create tangible value. This top-level training combines well-structured state-of-the-art management knowledge and experienced instructors to create a unique learning environment.

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In general, this program is an excellent choice for those who want to absorb new management knowledge and ideas they can implement in their area of expertise. An important aspect will be the active exchange of participants? experiences and learning from actual, real-world situations.


  • Senior managers
  • New or prospective executives
  • Experienced professionals
  • Entrepreneurs


  • System-oriented and Evolutionary Management

    In today's complex world, leaders are viewed as strategists, organization builders and doersIt is an encompassing and demanding job, and everything is relevantIn short, to succeed, a leader must have a broad, integrated perspective of general management.

    • State-of-the-art management theory and knowledge
    • Dealing with complexity
    • New perspectives on corporate evolution
  • Trends and their implications

    Senior-level managers need the ability to recognize a disruptive trend early in order to make the necessary corrections

    • Recognizing trend disruptions early
    • New trends in globalization and trade
    • Using proven and tested knowledge and experience with the help of knowledge management
  • Strategic Management to define direction

    Strategically successful leadership requires setting the course and implementing change.

  • Balancing short and long term thinking

    It is important to find the right balance between optimizing the present, i.e., short term profits, and the future, i.e., sustainable competitive positions.

    • Ensuring a sustainable corporate future
    • Required investments for future competitiveness
  • Driving Corporate Value creation
    • Identifying value drivers
    • Creating and capturing value
    • The relationship of strategy to value
  • Innovating for growth
    • Principles of successful innovation management
    • New business models
  • Financial Management Concepts and Practices
    • The importance of cash flow
    • Financial strategies which increase a company's value
  • Increasing productivity and quality
    • From business process re-engineering to a holistic customer-focused systems view
  • Effective roadmaps for change
    • Inspiring employees toward common goals
    • Developing implementation skills despite the environment's high complexity
  • Successful communication
    • Dealing with conflicts and guiding difficult employees
    • Solution-focused dialogue
    • Public speaking, appearance and body language
    • Skillful negotiation and appearing both competent and confident
  • Achieving Corporate Dynamics
    • Which programs are useful in energizing managers and employees and in gaining their approval for implementation and change?


  • Lecture
  • Class and group discussions
  • Business cases will be used
  • Best Practices and case studies
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  • Vorgeschlagene Dauer: 2 x 5 days
  • Code MG 7
  • Anmeldung/Informationen
    Telefon: ++49.911.919769-0
    Fax: ++49.911.919769-20